About Chad


I was first licensed as KA0WRO in May ( I think) of 1986 in Kansas City Kansas

EN13 – Home Station

Station as of 2019

Satellite Station:
Icom 9100
Yaesu Satellite Antenna System
ARR 435 Preamp
Heil Pro Set Elite

HF Station:
Icom 7410
Heil Pro Set Elite
Doublet antenna for 10-80m

EN03 – Portable Station

Satellite Station:
Yaesu FT-817×2
Arrow Antenna
Heil Pro Set Elite
GoSatWatch iPhone app

HF Station:
Yaesu FT-857
31ft end fed vertical

Since it seems my Ram pickup is always with me when I operate, I use the on board truck battery to power my satellite operating. Tailgate works great as a desk!